Sky Gym
Soft Play Area

Our children's soft play area is a plethora of colour and excitement. Guaranteed to keep your little ones endlessly entertained! The play area is suitable for ages 8 and under.

Venezian Carousel

Dreams are formed while riding in the Carousel! No age limit is required for us to be able to enjoy this lovely ride and music, and get lost in making beautiful memories….

Drop N' Twist

The exciting Drop-n-Twist Tower for young thrill-seekers!

Go round and round, spin and fly up and down!

Battery Operated Cars

Who doesn't want to be able to drive! The little ones can’t wait to get behind the wheel and twist and turn and pretend to be all grown up! Weeeee here we go, it’s gonna be a tricky drive

Captain Hook
Pirate Ship

Captain Hook captures the imagination and let’s all of you on an adventure of a lifetime.

“Aye Aye Captain we arre rrreaddy to travel through time….”

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