Tom & Jerry

The legendary TOM & JERRY have arrived! They accompany  your child on their adventures on board of a side-car, as cheerful soundtracks change at each game cycle. So let the fun begin!

the smurfs
up & down

Let your child enjoy the see saw with one of the timeless cartoon character's of all time! The Smurfs!


There is no escape for the bad guys now!  The Dark Knight  is on his way! Every child wants to be a hero and ride the Batmobile!

Hello Kitty!

Imagine taking a seat with this loveable character and taking off, we are sure your children will love it…

London BUs

THE BIG RED LONDON BUS! Oh what fun it is to be able to travel in this double decker bus! All children can enjoy by either being the one driving or taking the backseat and watching the sights and sounds!

Magnum Car!

VAROOOOMMMMM…It is the Magnum Car, for all those children who like it bigger and better, this car is definitely the winner of the pack….. Let you child take the magnum car and go off-roading…

London Moto Harley

Oh My Nothing is more dangerous and fun as the Moto Harley. For the slightly more adventurous and daring ones out there….enjoy the ride of a lifetime…again and again..

Geronimo Horse

Time to head back into the west, Be the daring Indian or the Dashing Cowboy/ cowgirl! Heee haaa …it’s a Race….

Fishing Hour

Time to enjoy some time in the sea! Go looking for new places to find, or just  enjoy a lazy day of sailing…

Lightning Mcqueen

Lightning McQueen is the perfect attraction for little boys and girls who want to live the world of this super fast racer...

Life is a highway, I wanna ride it my way!

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